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The GoalTwo Arrows

The goal is Quality of Life
  First, deal with the unpleasant inevitables  
  Then, invest to build a margin of comfort  

Quality of Life — through health, wealth, purpose, and people — is the ultimate goal. For most people, owning a home is a part of this goal. Considering the tax advantages, home ownership usually makes investment sense, as well.

Financial success, in general, is an important component to Quality of Life. The best things in life might be free, but it's astounding how expensive those freebies can be.


Two of the greatest challenges to your financial success are health and debt.

Ask yourself if you have enough insurance, particularly health insurance. How much would an accident cost in medical bills and in lost income? How much of this would you have to pay? Are you and your loved ones covered for long-term disability? Take care of these issues first.

Next, pay off your credit card debt — it's the best investment you can make. Think of it: a guaranteed return on investment of as much as 20% a year, after tax ! That's the type of results which investment dreams are made on. And that's what you'll save by paying off those credit cards.


The simple fact is that if you're earning more than you're spending or if your assets are more than your debts, you have to put your money to work. You can invest it or you can speculate with it, but you have to do something.

Take your excess funds and become an investor, not a speculator. Your time horizon should be at least ten years, and preferably a lot more. Invest for your children's college education or for your retirement. Go to sleep with the knowledge that time is on your side and that the craziness in the markets, which keeps others awake, can only help you.


Suggestion: Take five minutes and read The Keys to Investing — if it makes sense to you, everything else will fall into place. You might be amazed how powerful a little bit of logic can be.