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Investor Worksheet
Please enter numbers without punctuation (for example, $250,000 as 250000)...


What is your age?
  What is the equity in your home, if you own one?
The equity is calculated by subtracting the mortgage from the market value. If you rent, enter "0".
  Your current portfolio?
Stocks, bonds, and cash — which you are investing for at least a decade — minus all other debts
  Additions to portfolio?
Additional cash you expect to invest in the next 4 years. If you're retired, enter "0"
For Senior Citizens: You can still think in terms of long-term investing if you don't need the funds yourself — these investments will eventually become part of your estate and the gains will benefit your heirs. Further, if your estate is less than $600,000, no inheritance taxes will be due and no disruption to the portfolio will be required (Please note: This is not a recommendation, just a consideration in your financial planning)