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* The Q (or Quicken) Rating gives you a sense of a stock's popularity on Wall Street. A rating below 1.5 indicates the stock is very much in favor (be careful!); a rating above 2.3 suggests the stock is particularly unpopular (and, therefore, more likely to exceed expectations).

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Insider Trading:

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SEC Filings:

www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html (Free)
Most Recent 10-Q (Quarterly Report)
    Cash flow statement  
    Income statement  
    Management's discussion of results  
Most Recent 10-K (Annual Report)
    Same as with 10-Q plus…  
    Value of options granted net of those cancelled  
Value Line:

http://www.valueline.com/ (Not free)**
From the data provided, you can determine the 5-yr and 10-yr RORE and see a snapshot of a company's financial history
** You can subscribe to a 10-week trial subscription for the Investment Survey (covers 1700 stocks) at a significantly discounted rate or visit your local library at no charge.

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