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The Money Masters
The focus of John Train's book is on the investment approaches of nine exceptional investors: Warren Buffett, Paul Cabot, Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Stanley Kroll, T. Rowe Price, John Templeton, Larry Tisch, and Robert Wilson. The strategies of these men vary widely, but the similarities in their underlying approaches to the market are also apparent: They each focus on a logical and disciplined investment philosophy developed over years of experience. And they like to win.

As Train shows, these investors are also blessed with unusual degrees of intelligence and common sense, which unfortunately are not as transferable as their strategies. Regardless, this book offers a great deal of insight to the beginning investor and should be read early on in the process. Even the veterans of the investment business could benefit from another look at the excellent discussions about and with these money managers. The author also offers a number of worthwhile comparisons and conclusions of his own at the end of the book.

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