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The WealthEffect Contest


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The WealthEffect Contest won't be just another "real-time" simulation. To understand how it's different, consider how other stock-picking contests are set up. First, you get a pile of fictional money. Then you buy and sell stocks for six months or so. Your results are based, obviously, on how your picks performed during that period. Simple for you, simple for the folks running the contest. Fun, even — just not very useful.

The WealthEffect Contest is based on decades of historical data. Here you have the opportunity to buy and sell stocks based on years, not weeks; you get the experience of managing a portfolio for a career. Still simple (for you, at least); still fun — and very worthwhile.


Our goal is to help you become a successful investor. The WealthEffect Contest is designed to be part of that journey. If your interest was in speculating in the hope of quick profits, this contest wouldn't be of much value, but then, this entire web site would be a waste of your time.

If your interest is in investing, however, the WealthEffect Contest is unique. In a matter of months, you can have the sense of what it feels like to manage money for 20 years, or more.

Two limitations: although we do recreate the passage of time, we can't recreate the sense of time (it's much more painful to lose money over two years rather than two weeks); we also can't recreate the sense of urgency (you're playing with our money, not your own).


You begin with $1 million. Choose from among the stocks of the 30 companies which are provided, along with relevant information for each. You can choose as many or as few stocks as you like, in whatever proportions you like; you can also hold bonds and cash, as much or as little as you prefer.

Each week represents an entire year in the contest. Simply email us your choices, and their percentages in the portfolio, by Monday 9 AM each week. You will receive your results for that year within two days. If you want your portfolio to remain unchanged, you needn't do anything.


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